Braums - Deadly sharp metal in Braums Frozen Yogurt

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 5:00am CDT by Michael F.

Product: peanut butter cup frozen yogurt 3 pint tub

Company: Braums

Location: 23rd St.
MIDWEST, OK, 73110, US

Category: Food

My wife and I purchased a 3 pint tub of peanut butter cup yogurt at Braums.To make a long story short she choked on a gray 1/2 inch by 38th sharp on both ends metal object.Yes no exageration on both counts sharp and chocked like a 46 year old child!!I was shocked too put it very lightly when we seen this object. The size and sharp piercing ends you could see this was a part of machinery broke off "Mine and other's opinion only"Now for you skeptics that our thinking suck it up and drive on!I attempted to take several picture's of this object and notify company as to be alert and possibly alert public.I am a amatuer with photography due to size and lighting on object.But you can get the jest.I received a reply back to give object to them.Is this the proper response.I made conversation at work and church for the peanut gallery's thoughts".The curse word layer came up every time,.I am stating facts here to this and asking if anyone else had this in their frozen yogurtI crunched some numbers as I know staff by name;.We spend no less then $1500:.00 a year at Braums/.I mean who is kidding who the 1% milk is better then any whole milk out on the market".This happened 4th July 2013 what gets me is my children,Grandchildren will only drink this milk"Cant even fool them"What if this was a child anyone's child choking on this?.As it was scary seeing a adult of excellent health choking as it shamed me with my reaction as I took light of it till I seen the situation was more then a piece of butter cup;.Has anyone had this as well??

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kevin f., 2013-09-25, 07:42AM CDT

Yes as Now I have another exact metal piece I found in yet anther tub of yogurt chocolate amaretto.This is fully intact not sharp from being broke.I bit into it believing it tobe a candy in the yogurt.That makes two now in a three month period again contacting Braums and no concern.I say again my Grandchildren enjoy this product and now am beyond p.o. does anyone know of a lawyer interested in getting me some answers or does a child have to choke to death before braums takes [email protected] and or [email protected]

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