AT&T - AT&T Closing Cricket Storefronts - Say it Isn't So !!!

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 7:26pm CDT by Alyse R S.

Company: AT&T

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I was shocked and disappointed to hear that AT&T will be closing some (if not all) of the Cricket brick and mortar storefronts. I would like to challenge AT&T to please reconsider this action!!! The brick and mortar store on Miramar Road in San Diego has solved 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 phone problems I had, whereas the 1-800-phone-number IT customer support people had instead given me useless steps to try to solve the problem.

Today, I brought my latest phone problem to Tahir at Miramar Road, and he solved it in about 30 seconds! Starting around Saturday, when I went into the Muve Music program and selected a song, the album cover art for all the songs would flash before my eyes. He knew in a flash (forgive the pun) that the culprit was likely the recent Muve Music update. The problem had happened to him, too! He UNinstalled the latest Muve Music update, then re-updated the phone, and, voila, a selected song would play just fine.

I am SO disappointed to hear that AT&T's recent purchase of Cricket will result in their closing some Cricket storefronts, including this one !!!!! With the first phone problem, a Swype keyboard problem, the IT person said the "solution" was to switch keyboards to use the Swype vs. Microphone, since both failed to work in any single keyboard!!! Jamal, in the store, knew better -- that the problem was the phone. A replacement phone worked just fine!!! And then, this weekend, the same IT person on the phone suggested I try taking out the battery to solve the Muve Music song playback problem -- a useless step. Tahir, in the store, knew better.

AT&T -- If you're listening/watching this Complaints site -- Please recognize the talents of your employees and be sure to either keep the current Miramar location or, worst case, move them to a nearby other storefront. They're valuable employees, in a world where Customer Service is typically absent.


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