Best Buy (Dearborn, MI) - No one know what they are talking about

Posted on Sunday, August 11th, 2013 at 3:49pm CDT by Michael

Company: Best Buy (Dearborn, MI)

Location: US

Category: Stores, Shopping

Just left best buy and the only reason I go to this one is because its closest to were I live in Dearborn. Last time I went there I was looking for a printer, I asked which printer would be best suitable to me. Turns out they don't ask the right questions to determine what is for me. the person helping me said... its up to you with what you like!!! I get that but I want details about the product but it seems as if know one knows there stuff. I walked in today wanting to buy a wireless router and no one could explain the difference from one name brand to the other, they keep on having to go back and forth to other people to get answers. I not someone to typically complain, but if you work at best buy, wouldn't you know best??? Irony... hahaha very upsetting. The Best Buy store that I went to was in Dearborn on Mercury Drive, to top it off the slang language and attitudes is upsetting. The security guard was picking his nails with a pocket knife at the door, what is he doing with an exposed pocket knife? Everyone seems to be very defensive as if I am a burden on their shoulder because I ask questions... Seriously? Best Buy in Novi is so much better than this place, it sucks that I have to drive 30 additional minutes to get good service. I say fire everyone in the Dearborn Best Buy and rebuild with people who want to be their, want to learn, and want to help. Get rid of the people with slang language and horrible attitudes. That place needs to be revamped.


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