Musikfest by Arts Quest - Musikfesr

Posted on Sunday, August 11th, 2013 at 3:15pm CDT by a0c5c2e5

Company: Musikfest by Arts Quest

Location: 645 East First St Bethlehem PA

Category: Entertainment

My wife who is handicapped and in a wheelchair, purchased tickets after being assured there was no obstructed view from the designated section, that being "ADA Riser 1". This evening we will be placed in "ADA Riser 2" for our second show. Our experience last night was disappointing, even moreso for handicapped patrons behind us, some crying. I was able to lift my wife up to see the last song. I contacted the box office and spoke with a representative who offered to reimburse us for tonight's show, however we would not have purchased the tickets in the first place nor arrange hotel accommodation had we known of the false claims concerning the obstruction of view. Buyer beware at this venue! A dispute was filed with the credit card company, and other notes will be forthcoming via internet to warn the disabled .


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