Clm systems - ATT overcharges

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 10:27am CDT by Connie L.

Company: Clm systems

Location: 211 Berg street algonquin il 60102

Category: Unauthorized Charges

We moved into new location june 2013 we had AT&T and stayed with At&T and had them forward our phone and fax, since it was in a new area code. They messed that up and our phone and fax was down for a day at least. The phone and fax is our main source of revenue . We never compensated for this inconceivable and loss of revenue. After all the trouble we switched to Comcast . The phone and fax forwarding numbers should have been turned over to Comcast and when Comcast switched us over AT&T took back the forwarding numbers causing our phone and fax to be down again for over a day. We had no choice but to stay with AT&T until Comcast could secure the forwarding phone and fax numbers. Now we have been charged almost $3,000 dollars for a month worth of service even though we where under a contract price for a set rate. We have tried several times to clear this up with AT&tT and all we do is get charged more every time we talk to them. Every time we have called the rep tells us that everything is taken care of and you will be seeing a credit on the next bill and when the bill comes in it is higher and higher. They even tried to charge us for cable service at our home that they never provided and a install fee , when we canceled and switched to AT&T. This company has the worst customer service I have every In countered . Every time you call you have to sit on the phone with them for 2 more hours on the phone and they lie to you and tell you every thing is taken care of until the bill comes in.


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