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Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 11:12am CDT by Kingsley N.

Company: AZ Property Solutions

Location: 950 W Elliot Rd Ste 101 Tempe, AZ 85284
TEMPE, AZ, 85284, US


Category: Real Estate

?Please email me a written list of the items and email me the video as well. I will send it to the property management company as well and we will both keep it on file until the end of your lease/move out. If they try to retain any security deposit for those damages, we will have your list and video on file to refer to.? This was the e-mail instruction that I received from a very kind agent who, free of charge, had taken time out of her very busy schedule to assist me in the spring of 2012. This was, as I tried to locate a place to rent in southern Arizona. And so with these instructions in mind, it was that in April of 2012, after moving into a townhome in Queen Creek Arizona, we went about the task of documenting the damages which were already present before our arrival. And as we went about our task, little did we know that it was all for nothing. For deep in the offices of AZ Property Solution, unbeknownst to us, plans for a final solution, which entailed the commandeering of our security deposit, was likely already underway.

In March of 2013, we moved out of the townhome in Queen Creek Arizona to make our way back up to the Pacific Northwest. In April, we were shocked to receive a Security Deposit Disposition Letter which told us that not only would we not be receiving our security deposit of $665, but that we owed a balance of $489.95 for some ?unspecified damages.? Now please don?t ask me what those damages were since, almost five months later, the ?professionals? at Arizona Property Solution has not felt the need to send us an itemized list of the over one thousand dollars? worth of ?damages? that we had supposedly caused in our short stay.

Now, as you can imagine, by this time our shock had turned to anger. With all of the precautions that we had taken within that home, we knew that we were being finagled out of our security deposit. For crying out loud, prior to moving to Arizona, we had lived in an apartment for over eight years without causing over a thousand dollars? worth of damages, and as such, when we moved out we were given back a major part of our security deposit . And now we rent a place for a little less than a year and we are doing more damages in one year than in eight? Please give me a break.

Since there were damages already present, I proceeded to contact the ?professionals? at AZ Property Solution to inquire about the charges and to make sure that they had consulted the move-in video and checklist which the agent had sent to them and which showed those damages. Now what do you think was their response? Well, after resending them a copy of the move-in video, I was told that what I had sent them was a move-out video. And after asking about the checklist, I was essentially told by the ?professionals,? that since they had no record of it on file, one had never been sent to them. Lucky for me, I had kept the email that contained a copy of the move-in video and checklist, which had been sent on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 3:04 PM to the ?professionals? at AZ Property Solution. This I re-sent to no avail, and today we are still without both a response and our security deposit .

After this ordeal, I would have to say that, though the people at Arizona Property Solutions may consider themselves professional and scrupulous, their professionalism and scrupulousness have to be called into question. This is because, without even consulting or verifying claims of damages against a tenant?s move-in video or checklist, which they had been provided with, these supposed ?professionals? at AZ Property Solution had calculated damages and levied them against the tenant. Where then is the professionalism? What then is the purpose of the tenant?s move-in video and checklist where they are not taking into consideration? What kind of scrupulousness are we talking about here? This to me shows a level of unprofessionalism and unscrupulousness that other unsuspecting future renters and buyers of property should be made aware of. IF YOU ARE IN ARIZONA, RENTER AND BUYER BEWARE OF AZ PROPERTY SOLUTION?S FINAL SOLUTION!


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