Allstate Motor Club - Made my 81 year old, handicapped mother wait 4 hours for tow!

Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 1:43pm CDT by 42835d0e

Product: Roadside Assistance Plan

Company: Allstate Motor Club

Location: Allstate Motor Club, Inc. Customer Service Center P.O. Box 3094 Arlington Heights, IL 60006-3094


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

This complaint is in behalf of my 81 year old, handicapped mother who has Allstate's Road Security Plan. Yesterday, 8/8/13, at approximately 3pm, her car broke down so she called Roadside Assistance for a tow.

Even though Allstate told her it would be a 3 hour wait--which in itself is ridiculous--they still didn't show up by 7:30pm! I was on the phone with them for over an hour to determine the problem and to get request that the company call another tow service to help her, as it was getting late and she is a handicapped senior citizen. The Allstate service reps were not only unhelpful, they were rude and combatative. I first spoke with Carla Villa Nueva, then was transferred to Danielle Jara in Northbrooke, Illinois (72555).

Both people basically blamed my mother for the problems. I suggested to my mother that she leave her car, which was parked in a gas station lot, and give the service card and the keys to the gas station attendant so she could go home on public transportation and rest. The Allstate rep, Danielle, then told us that if she didn't wait with the car ANOTHER 20-30 minutes, that the towing company would cancel her tow. So they were unable to help her within the 3 hour time frame, then they essentially blackmailed her into staying more than an hour longer under the threat that her scheduled towing service would be cancelled.

This kind of treatment is shameful and unacceptable.


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