SureWay taxi - Worst day of my life

Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 4:00pm CDT by a4222121

Company: SureWay taxi

Location: MONTICELLO, NY, 12701, US

Category: Business, Finances

I called a taxi and I had waited 25 long minutes, When the taxi finally pulled up the driver got out of the car and went into the store. I had called Sureway to make sure it was my taxi and when the driver came out he had an attitude right off the bat he had told me "What people aren't allowed to use the bathroom" very rudely and I said "Sorry I was just making sure you were my taxi". When I got into the car I told him where I was going, and he kept talking underneath his breath. He kept mumbling and I said "What's wrong"? he ignored me so I said "Do you think I called to get you in trouble"?(Which I didn't try to call and get him in trouble just to see if he was my driver) Under his breath he said you F**king Jew. And I asked him "Excuse me what did you say" He then got on his phone and called the dispatcher at Sureway and told him that he was going to let me out of the car at the beer store he refused to drive me the rest of the way. He told me "If you don't get out of the car I will call the cops". At that point I was so mad with anger. But as I got everything out of the car the cops pulled up. I already had everything out so the cops couldn't do anything to me. But this was the worst experience I ever had! I refuse to use the taxi company any longer. The drivers are rude and the dispatchers are just as worst. Because I also called Sureway as the driver was stopped at the beer store and I called the dispatcher and told him what was happening and the dispatcher told me "Get out of my F**king car" he didn't refused to listen to what I had to say and I am a loyal customer for years. I use them for work 2 times a day which is 8 times a week. And I never experienced anything like this EVER until today. I also never saw this driver but still doesn't matter how he treats customers. Wouldn't expect for a small town like Monticello you still can find people who are antisemitic. Also I was wearing my Jewish star and he kept looking at it. So I don't know if that was a big part of the worst day of my life. NEVER USE SUREWAY EVER AGAIN!!


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