AT&T - Refusal to Offer a REAL Solution

Posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 at 1:05am CDT by Melissa W.

Product: Cell Phone Service

Company: AT&T

Location: 16320 SE Mill Plain Blvd


Category: Consumer Electronics

I have been a customer of AT&T for years and up until now, customer service has ranged from adequate to good. We spend a lot of money at AT&T in fact of the last two months we have spent right around $1000 in new equipment, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and our problem phone, the Nokia Windows Phone. I was not anxious to switch away from the iPhone but my husband really wanted to try one of the Window's phones. The Nokia Lumina was highly recommended by the sales person we talked to.

Keep in mind we maintain 5 cell lines and an additional data plan for an iPad. And until now we have been satisfied with our mobile devices and service. Within 15 days the power button quit working on the Nokia Lumina. We took it into the store in Gladstone, OR and they responded by replacing the phone, but stated that because it had been 15 days we could not switch from the Nokia Lumina to an iPhone 5 (come to find out this was misinformation and we had up to 30 days to exchange the phone under "buyer's remorse." We went on to use the phone because we were told by multiple sales people at that time that we could not exchange it.

Today the phone froze up for 3 hours. We have multiple business lines that were going into that phone. We lost 3 hours of cell service costing us marketing dollars/customer calls because our potential customers were unable to call us. The amount we spent in marketing for the day would suggest that our call volume for the day should have been significantly higher but because the phone was frozen & down no calls came through.

When my husband walked into the store he was told he could either mail it back to get a new phone (the same brand we've now had trouble with TWICE in less than two months), or we could, at our expense choose to upgrade another line and use that upgraded phone for this number. Additionally we were offered the option of getting another phone line again, at our expense.

All things considered, we are longstanding customers. I was with Cingular when they merged and became part of AT&T. We have purchased multiple high end phones and devices. To expect that a legitimate issue with defective device be solved by offering a comparably priced different device does not seem that it should be outside the realm of expectation. We are not trying to switch devices because we don't like it. If it worked properly we would be more than satisfied. The power button quitting and then the whole phone (the replacement) seizing up for a three hour period (which required it to be reset in the store) seems like there is a problem with a defective device and that it should be remedied properly by offering a refund and or comparably priced different phone model.

Additionally it is worth noting that we were told the Nokia Lumina has an extended battery life, and it burns through the battery (even on the energy saver) faster than any other phone we've used. This was an issue both with the original device as well as the replacement.

We've had trouble with dropped calls-with this device/number and not others, customers not being able to get through to us (even when we're not on the phone), text messages looking as if they have been sent but that are never received, etc.

I spoke with customer service on the phone today to see what they would/could do. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with one person, was handed off to a manager who did nothing more than offer to waive the $36 upgrade fee if we chose to upgrade another line (at our expense) which would add an additional 2 years to our contract- which after this experience I'm not sure we'll renew. While once AT&T was the forefront of cell service, other companies like Sprint and Verison seem to be offering better data plans and unlimited calling, etc. We're currently looking into our options.

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Jlyne H., 2013-08-13, 03:11PM CDT

I am so sorry to hear about your experience with AT&T - I am currently in a similar situation - I have 6 business lines with AT&T and they keep moving my upgrade eligibility date ahead - I am now experiencing issues with my main line cell phone, and have been told that I can't get an upgrade until September! In May I was told that I would be eligible in June. I am beyond angry, and the customer service agents I deal with are the most rude, condescending people I have ever dealt with.

I hope you receive a resolution soon. I am about to post my complaint, but I wanted to take a moment to comment and let you know that there are others out here who are not satisfied with AT&T as well!

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