Stop 'N Sock - Do not step foot onto Stop 'N Sock's property. Owner has no regard for customer safety.

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 11:11am CDT by 63968658

Product: Miniature Golf Course

Company: Stop 'N Sock

Location: Route 65 100 Wise's Grove Rd. New Brighton, PA 15066


Category: Sports, Recreation

While playing miniature golf I tripped and fell face down when my feet ran into a rise on the green. The green was shaded completely by trees causing the rise on the green to be completely unrecognizable. Fortunately my glasses got the brunt of the fall, although my face was badly scraped. I notified the manager who notified the owner, etc. I wrote a letter to the owner twice, but never received a reply, not even an apology. The insurance claim was denied, so I had to pay for the replacement of my glasses ($379). I am currently waiting for a response from the insurance company in regards to a possible no-fault insurance clause so they will at least pay for the glasses.


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