Vehicle Bureau Online - Vehicle Bureau Online Deceptive Business Practices

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 9:16pm CDT by D W.

Product: Auto Seller

Company: Vehicle Bureau Online

Location: none given; online service only that does not disclose physical location


Category: Products, Services

I engaged Vehicle Bureau Online to sell my vehicle for me. They did not. Their satisfaction guarantee provided for a cash equivalent refund of 75% ($375) of the service cost ($500). I filed for a refund and it was approved. However, they gave me only $175 credit on my credit card and the remaining $200 in grocery and gas certificates. They insisted this was a ?cash equivalent?.

I was required to approve their refund offer in order to get anything. However, they did not disclose the Terms & Conditions of the certificates. When I got them and read them, the T&C were ridiculous. I called the company and complained they misled me and were deceptive in their dealings. I was told they did not know the certificate T&C so couldn?t have told me!!!

It turns out that to get my $200 I have to: 1) pay a $27.95 processing fee to activate each certificate, 2) spend $100 each month in order to get a $20 rebate for each of the next five months, 3) use the same credit card for all purchases or the claim is null and void, 4) log-in to an account by the end of each month to enter my receipts and download a voucher, 5) mail in the purchase receipts by the 5th of each month or the claim is null and void. Of course if the receipts are not sent by certified mail they are not responsible for ?lost? claims. Further, the program can be discontinued at any time.

In sum, I have to spend $527.95 plus 5 postages in order to get $100 of my guaranteed refund back. I would also add that I participated in a similar certificate program some years ago, followed all the instructions to a ?T? and received not one refund. When I tried to contact the company I could never get through.

The deceptive business practices of this company are despicable. No mention was made of the refund details when they solicited my business. Yes, they contacted me to solicit business! The salesman only said that I would get 75% of my money back if my vehicle did not sell within three months. When they gave me the bulk of my so-called ?refund? with certificates they did not disclose the T&C of the certificates. The company intentionally misled by failing to disclose on numerous counts. They do not deserve to stay in business, and I will not stop alerting others and filing complaints until I am properly reimbursed, which is all I am asking for. All efforts to resolve this dispute directly with the company, and I have tried on no less than five occasions, have simply been ignored.


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