Acer America - Beware the new Acer BIOS !

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 12:36pm CDT by Paul T.

Product: E1-571 Acer Laptop

Company: Acer America

Location: 333 W. San Carlos St.
SAN JOSE, CA, 95110, US


Category: Computers, Software

In May of 2013, I purchased an Acer E1-571

laptop after checking the CPU's specs on Intel.

The Intel chip in the laptop was an i5 3230M,

which had an impressive list of features,

including VT-d and VT-x instruction sets, which

aid in using virtualization. To make a long story

short, what I eventually realized, is that their

choice of UEFI (the new BIOS), did not allow

access to the Intel features; so they could be

turned on or off. Actually they dropped 2 or 3

menus like "Advanced" and "Power" from the

typical UEFI menu list, ON PURPOSE ! Why ?

Most likely they received kickbacks from MS to

do so. Why ? Because MS doesn't want you to

keep using their older products that you've

already paid for ! They want you to buy their

NEW operating systems 7,8,9...etc. One of the

many consequences of this policy, is that you

now can't use all the features included in the

Intel processor, can you say "bait and switch"?

Another is trying to make it more difficult to

install a different operating system, say Linux ?

Of course with our byzantine legal system, it will

take the Supreme Court five years to finally hear

this case concerning Microsoft's collusion with

the manufacturers and Insyde software, so I'd

like to suggest a boycott of Acer's computers.

Why ? Because they could easily solve

thousands of their consumers problems, by

simply offering a different UEFI (or upgrade) for

the affected models. BUT THEY WON'T !

And only YOU can punish them. I believe some

in Europe have already started a boycott, let's

join them and hope it deters other manufacturers

from following in this protectionist conspiracy.


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