Best Buy - Racial profiling and Discrimination and slander

Posted on Sunday, August 4th, 2013 at 7:52pm CDT by Kimberly J.

Company: Best Buy

Location: 9977 East Washington St


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I had recently had someone break into my home and steal all of my items. My insurance company issued me a check to replace items that was taken. They also order some items for us and had them sent. My husband and I went to Best Buy and asked the sale associate to help us get the correct items to replace our items. The sales associate gave us the wrong items and we had to return several items back and replace them with the correct items. On Friday 2, 2013 we took back several items to be returned so we could get the exact items the insurance company was going to pay for. The same sale associate that helped us to purchase the items in the first place, he came over and asked my husband why was he returning the items. My husband explained that we had to get the correct items off the insurance list. The sales associate then proceeded to go from associate to associate whispering and pointing at me and my husband. He then went and spoke with two managers. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by best buy associates. The store manager approached me and informed me that I was under investigation for fraud. I asked him how was i investigated for fraud? He told me that i was going from store to store stealing items and returning them to different stores to get the money. I held up my receipts and tried to show him that I had paid for everything. He refused to look at them. He asked me how was i able to pay for all those items. I told him with my insurance check, he said well until we done investigating you and your husband we will not be taking any items back from you two. The sales associates were talking and telling the customers that we had got caught stealing. I told the manager I have never stolen anything in my life. I asked him to look at the receipt

He continue to tell me i needed to leave. As my husband and I was leaving the store, the store security stopped us and asked for all of my receipts so he could check to make sure i had'nt stole any thing. When I reached my car I called corporate only to be talked to rudely and accused once again of stealing. I asked to speak to a supervisor , they transferred me to their legal department. In which the gentle man wanted copies of the list my insurance company had sent me and proof that the insurance company had sent us a check. They were talking to me like a black person can't afford those types of items. My husband has a very good job and has been purchasing items from Best Buy for years and have been very loyal. They Racially profiled us, slandered us in front of other customers and then told us we couldn't afford those type of items. I have since contacted and attorney and is planning to file suit against the company.

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Taalib-Din U., 2014-01-19, 09:07AM CST

Best Buy 01/18/14-I was stopped by a uniformed DC police officer at store's exit and asked to "unzip" an article of clothing -- coveralls -- I was wearing; some unnamed, unidentified "person" claimed they saw me put something down in my clothing.

I refused, but officer insisted, despite my claims of innocence, embarrassment and humiliation at being stopped. I felt non-compliance was not an option, so, I requested a private room with a witness of officer's choosing.

Escorted by officer, along with the store's manager, to a "security room;" nothing found.

City police officer refused to give Best Buy's DC Columbia Heights store manager's last name -- first name Gavin -- nor did the manager volunteer it, even though he was a witness.

Filing a complaint with the store for racial profiling and one with the police department for carrying out the act.

I'm 61-years old, African-American and Muslim. I'm married, two kids, business owner, commercial property developer; well known in the city.

I self-boycotted the store for more than 15-years after witnessing incidents of store employees stopping African-Americans, while allowing all others to go through, unchecked; but after all the complaints - word of mouth - publicity - lawsuits - and protest - Howard University students - I thought changes were either implemented or being implemented; I'd give them another shot -- BIG MISTAKE! -- a tiger can't change its stripes or is it a leopard its spots?

Anyway, I made a $1,000 purchase 01/09/14, as part of a renovation project at one of my properties and received a $15 reward certificate, placing me back in the store on 01/18/14 to spend my rewards. After the above described incident, I returned all of the merchandise, unopened; all $1,000 of it; AND (here's the kicker); I purchased the same identical items, all warranted as those at Best Buy, for $850 -- $150 less. I kept my "rewards" as liquidated damages.

Bye-bye Best Buy!

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