YELP - YELP: Checkered History

Posted on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at 12:09pm CDT by jonathan G.

Product: Consumer Reviews

Company: YELP

Location: 706 mission St. San Francisco, Ca. 94103


Category: Other

Consumers need an objective environment in which to lodge legitimate consumer complaints. I have dealt with YELP for several years and have found that YELP is not among the many websites that treat complaints in a fair way. To make the point, other websites have posted my concerns, but YELP--alone--has rejected them.


Curious about this, I checked into the companies background. Turns out YELP has been taken to court on a number of occasions. Many complaints have been about the computer soft wear that the company uses for selecting out complaints. This, in my opinion, skews the results. Again, in my opinion, consumer reports are frequently skewed to favor businesses.

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tara o., 2013-10-18, 02:29PM CDT

I am in the process of fighting them for the same reason. They unfairly skew consumers based on their automated software review program that "weeds" out the fake posts. All it does is eliminate literally 90% of the reviews in general giving you a horrible ranking!! I signed up to advertise with them, without knowing about this policy, and immediately cancelled after discovering this review filtering policy and they hit me with a $700 charge! They want you to pay to advsertise but then they filter ALL your good reviews and show you as 1 star, when you should be a 4.5 star, no one will do business with you bc of their own software. It's ridiculous!!! Someone tell me how to fight this and I will jump on board, I am boycotting YELP!!

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