FocusBinding - To anyone buying a Mug Heat Press, Epson C88 Printer,Sublimation Ink Heat Transfer package from this store

Posted on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at 8:09pm CDT by 837ae79e

Product: Mug Heat Press, Epson C88 Printer,Sublimation Ink Heat Transfer

Company: FocusBinding

Location: 245 Eglinton Ave East


Category: Products, Services

To anyone buying a package from this store FocusBinding or another name (as their storefront has a different company name as well as their craigslist and kijiji ads) to print photos on your own cup/mug, please look for other stores selling these products as these mom and pop store owners lack integrity.

They advertise on craigslist and kijiji for a package called "Mug Heat Press, Epson C88 Printer,Sublimation Ink Heat Transfer" which is a package to print photos onto special paper using a photo quality printer using special sublimation ink.

The package is not what they state because:

-they do not include software to help print which they promise, but rather 2 burned cdr's which have barely usable clipart that looks like they were used in the early 1990's

-the special paper is actually regular paper that is a little darker than regular white paper

-the special sublimation ink which they say will be included is actually regular printer ink

-the Epson C88 Printer that they were giving in the package was already used and opened which was pointed out to them. They provided a second printer box which was sealed with packaging tape and looked new. Upon opening the box, the contents were missing and tape on the printer to show it was unused were already removed

-they wanted to write a receipt in handwriting on a blank piece of paper, which was not even on company letter head. When they issue warranties was brought up, they said that anything could be brought back to the store and they would provide service to it but in reality, they keep no record of purchases or asking for my personal information to actually honour the warrenties in the future

-no instruction was provided by them in terms of using the equipment (temperature settings, time) and the instructions were missing from the sublimation machine's box upon opening

-price quoted on kijiji/craigslist is different from the price list in store, as well as contents included in each package

This is just a warning because I stupidly still purchased this package because of convenience as it was supposed to include everything needed to start printing mugs/cups. When they gave me the wrong ink, paper, no cost me 20+ hours, time and money to find out what was wrong especially since I was printing out bad cups/mugs which are an additional cost ($1-$2 each). I eventually took everything to another store and they told me exactly what was wrong and that this store listed with the name FocusBinding has had a lot of complaints like mine.

So again, this is just to put my experience up in hopes of saving people time, money and frustration when they see these ads on kijiji and craigslist as this company advertises regularly.


Adam H., 2014-02-25, 03:18PM CST

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7ec4c865, 2015-11-03, 06:58PM CST

I will say this company it's taking money away from people I order a vinyl cutter from this company and never works they send me used one I returned and I have to pay shipping supposed they gonna send me new one when they send back it was the same and still don't work I loose money with this company. ..people don't buy from here buy from someone else ...

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