Nations Truck - Deceptive Truck Dealer Procures Accident Doesnt Warranty Work

Posted on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at 4:03pm CDT by Scott K.

Product: Dodge RAM 2500 Diesel 2006

Company: Nations Truck

Location: Nations Truck & SUV Center 3700 South Orlando Drive Sanford FL 32773
SANFORD, FL, 32773, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Nation Truck / Sanford FL sold me a truck that was defective in many ways, including hiding the fact it was in a previous accident. On approx, May 2013 I purchased a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel from Nations truck paying approximately $31,000 cash after tax and title. My Nations Truck Nightmare began. Through out the sale the sales representative continually commented on their 100 point inspections and their 6 month 6000 mile half labor half parts warranty. What Nations Truck lied about is they never indicated if a customer negotiates a price with them then it voids the warranty. No warranty at any other dealer is ever voided when one negotiates price. Nations Truck deceptively has the customer sign an AS IS form and never indicates the warranty is voided as a result of it. Within two weeks of buying the truck the muffler pipe completely broke in half at its midpoint weld. Being 500 miles from the dealer I had to get it fixed elsewhere ($166). I had the truck inspected and the service mechanic indicated that both air bags would never deploy since they were disconnected. The 7-way trailer connection was cut in half. The repair shop proceeded to show me where the truck had been in an accident. Nations Truck repeatedly bragged during the sale how other dealers sell trucks in previous accidents; that they did not. They even showed a clear carfax which proves they had not inspected the truck themselves. A dent underneath the radiator proved it had been in an accident and airbags had deployed . At two months and 4000 miles use, the trucks transmission burnt up. Based on oblong holes discovered in the fly wheel it was proof that whomever Nations Truck had do the transmission work, they did not torque or lock tite the torque converter bolts. The bolts losened, fractured, damaged the fly wheel and the process destroyed the transmission, torque converter, and flywheel. This cost me $5700 and 5 days at the AL/TN state border. By the time I crossed Kansas the truck had over heated and required radiator hose repair. By the time I had got to my vacation destination I also had to replace the water pump and do fuel injection repairs ($440) followed by replacement of all the truck's upper and lower ball joints both sides of the truck ($900). Clearly Nations Truck is doing deceptive business: from point of purchasing bad trucks, misrepresenting the trucks condition, misrepresenting their inspections, misrepresenting their warranty since it voids when the vehicle price is negotiated, and not informing the customer of the same. I have called Nations truck at least 5-6 times, I have shown up in person, and not once has NT returned my calls. Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware" Nations Truck is a very dishonest truck dealership. If they had only warrantied their work then they would have had a repeat customer.


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