Starbucks - Warning on the use of Starbucks Card Website

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 8:36pm CDT by Rudy G.

Product: Starbucks Card Website

Company: Starbucks

Location: 83 S King St
SEATTLE, OR, 98104, US


Category: Restaurants, Bars

Customers beware on the use of Starbucks website -- it is not very intuitive and funds will either vanish or be transfered to the wrong card. Recently, i logged into my account and found a card with a $7 balance and tried to move that amount to my gold card, however, the funds just vanished. I thought that the transfer was successful and so i unregistered the card -- only to realize that the $7 was not transfered to my gold card -- it just vanished. Also, i tried to transfer funds from a gift card to my gold card, however, the site transfered the funds to a black card that i have not used in years. I called Starbucks and they were able to transfer the funds from my black card to my gold card, however, they were not able to locate any record of the $7 transfer and therefore those funds are lost. Of course, they are not really lost -- they are kept by Starbucks. I will never use their website again since it is very unreliable for a website that handles money. Use the site at your own risk.


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