The Brickman Group - Disregard for private property

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 10:07am CDT by aadcc3be

Company: The Brickman Group

Location: 18227D Flower Hill Way


Category: Products, Services

While these landscapers leave lawns and bushes trimmed neatly, they leave behind clumps of grass that deadens living grass under it, and strew clippings of all kinds into private yards adjacent to land they are paid to service. They also strew clippings and detritus onto the vehicles of local residents. When they come by with leaf blowers, they spray additional debris onto vehicles causing further possible damage. They ram mowers into wooden fences and they have shattered our storm door (causing us to forgo having one).

They also leave their mower blades running while moving from lawn to lawn, which is dangerous, as that could cause rocks and pebbles to fly out from under the mower and cause injury to passers by, even at a distance. The fire lane curbs are noticeably cut and scratched from their pushing the mowers up over them while the blades are turning, which is just professionally stupid as that damages their own equipment. When they are doing median strips and road edges, they spray grass and lawn debris into moving traffic, which could cause an accident if someone is startled by a flying pebble.

This business does not respect individual private property, nor does it understand how to properly handle public landscape care safely.


aadcc3be, 2013-08-01, 04:56PM CDT

I need to add to this complaint. Today, employees of The Brickman Group sat down in my neighborhood for lunch. This didn't bother me at all - until I noticed that they left the packaging and detritus of their meal behind.

I do not understand how this kind of nonexistent professionalism is tolerated.

724cf1dc, 2014-09-03, 04:30AM CDT

Brickman group is number one in landscapeing and snow removal.

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