Electronic Tec - Autocardvdgps Scammers

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 10:32am CDT by Roger G.

Product: autocardvdgps.com

Company: Electronic Tec

Location: 3388 Garfield Ave Los Angeles, CA 90040?

URL: http://www.autocardvdgps.com

Category: Online Scams

My complaint is that these are scammers. They are very helpful before you give them your money. Once they have your money, you don't exist to them anymore. Fake phone numbers, fake feedback videos, with everyone quoting the website URL, without no hesitation.

They offer fake carrier services, fake extras. The whole website is bogus.

I ordered mine for 7 day delivery, I cancelled after 10 days under the sellers distance rules, they totally refused.

It took 3 weeks to arrive in the UK.

I paid the import charges and took delivery so I could cancel under their own 30 day money back guarantee, as per webpage, (Also Fake).

The box was open, bags inside looked used and dirty, there where no maps, no camera as advertised, It came by EMS (Chinese Postal Service), which is really slow. They will not help you, and they will under no circumstances, give you your money back. I won my case against them with PayPal, they gave PayPal a bogus address, so it would have come back to me if I had sent it.

I have lost over ?400.00, keep away, they are bad people..!"


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