Nilsen's - Don't ever expect any help from Nielsen's in spencer

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 8:47pm CDT by mike f.

Product: toshiba 32" flat screen tv

Company: Nilsen's

Location: 1208 4th ave. sw
SPENCER, IA, 51301, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

my parents called me a week or so ago and said there tv was shutting itself off after 15 minutes or so. they said they had called nielsens and talked to the boss about this problem, and he told them the warranty was over and they couldn't do anything. my parents asked for the kids name that delivered and set up the tv for them a little over a year ago, but they said they couldn't give them any information. my parents are 84 yrs. o;d and don't know a whole lot about newer electronic devices and they just wanted him to look at it and see if it was something simple. i bought them another 32" tv, took it back to them, set it up for them and they were very thankful. i brought the broke tv back to des moines with me to check it out. i plugged it in when i got home and after 15 minutes or so it shut off. i looked on the internet and it said to do a factory reset. it's in the menu function on the tv and remote. i did the factory reset and since then i've left the tv on all night for 2 nights and everything seems to be just fine. now why could't Nielsens have been able to put forth that much effort to satisfy a customer? they should give them all their money back for that tv, as far as i am concerned! but i'm sure they won't do a darn thing!!! this is when i really love karma!!!!!!!! good luck Nielsen's


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