D & C Air and Water Treatment Consultants - Faulty system - Contractor Ignores resolution attempts. Be very wary!

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 1:05pm CDT by John A.

Company: D & C Air and Water Treatment Consultants

Location: PO Box 192
LUTZ, FL, 33548-0192, US

URL: dandcwater.wordpress.com/

Category: Home, Garden

Faulty system - Contractor Ignores resolution attempts. Be very wary! Initial friendliness and helpful demeanor disappear when you no longer want to give them additional money. Will misrepresent their capabilities to get a sale and not back their products. Good salesmen, but not trustworthy

Asked for system to remove Iron from well without a water softener. They said ?No Problem?

Performed no lab test on water. Sold us a system for $2,150. System did not work after repeated fix attempts. Contractor represented that they are certified water treatment specialists... (Later Investigation with the County and State reveals that there is no such Government Certification)

Contractor was friendly and professional and willing to "work" with us to solve the problem only as long as we were willing to spend more money to fix their faulty system. After spending an additional $1,000 to address their recommended "fixes", the system still didn't work. When we finally had enough and refused to spend any more money on a poorly designed and failing system, we asked for a refund. Their response was to offer yet another ?fix? that involved a water softener. They then proposed to rent us a water softener and charge us another $300 for installation. Since we did not want a softener to begin with, and were not willing to throw any more money at them we rejected their proposal. We did offer to settle with them for a $1,200 refund and a return of their equipment. With no additional revenue in the mix, they chose to ignore all attempts to communicate.


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