Cablevision - The more money Cablevision gets the worse the Customer Service.

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013 at 9:49am CDT by 547dd897

Company: Cablevision


Category: Entertainment

My internet has been very slow for about 3 weeks. I called Cablevision several times and I feel they refuse to accept that the problem is with their outside equipment. I have TWO other neighbors, that I know of, that are complaining about very slow internet. I have spoken with several technicians and first I was told it was my router. When I said my router was brand new, then it was because my modem was 7 yrs. old and I should get a new one. My two neighbors have new modems and they are having the same problem, so I'm sure a new modem is not going to help.

I have had Cablevision for about 7 yrs. In those 7 yrs. EVERY time there has been a problem with the internet, it has ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS been a problem with Cablevision's outside equipment, and each time they insisted that it had to be the customer's equipment. I understand that customer's equipment can break down, but when 3 different customers are complaining about the same exact problem, I would assume it has to be with Cablevision's outside equipment once again. I am getting really tired of being told that each and every person having a problem has to call in and go through Cablevisions trouble shooting procedures before Cablevision will accept responsibility. The more money Cablevision charges for TV, Phone and Internet, the worse the customer service gets.


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