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Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013 at 1:34am CDT by Barbara G.

Product: Truck Rental

Company: Phillip Morris Auto Repair -Budget Truck Rental

Location: 524 Glover Ave, Enterprise, AL 36330-2025


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

July 10, 2013

Phillip Morris Auto Service

524 Glover Ave

Enterprise, AL 36330

Dear Owner and Budget Rental:

This is a letter of complaint regarding a truck rented from Budget (Phillip Morris Auto Service, 524 Glover Ave, Enterprise, Alabama 36330).

On Friday June 28, I rented a budget truck rental from Phillip Morris Auto Service. I specifically asked the person if the truck was in good condition because my daughter would be making a ten hour drive from Alabama to North Carolina. The person renting the truck told us that it was the best one on the lot.

Three hours into driving, my daughter called and said she was stranded in Georgia because the gas tank could not be filled. Phillip Morris Auto Service was to call a maintenance person and when the person arrived after three hours, he came to fix a tire. So, after another 2 to 3 hours a maintenance person came to fix the gas tank. The maintenance person discovered they had made a make shift bungee that had to be pulled down to place the gas in (picture of bungee available). The maintenance person said this was a dangerous method used to repair the gas tank and if an accident occurred the truck might catch on fire. My daughter also noticed that the truck had not been serviced for its required maintenance (picture of maintenance tag available). When the truck was returned to Paxton Mini Storage in North Carolina, the agent said the truck should have been pulled from the lot and repaired properly and that it was dangerous for anyone driving it.

It took my daughter sixteen hours to reach her destination with her six year old daughter. This caused my daughter to have to travel at night on dark roads in a truck that was not safe. It also caused me, a seventy-six year old, to stress on my daughter?s safety because the telephone was shut off that afternoon as we requested because we were moving. My daughter could not call me to tell me what hotel she booked me in Alabama and I had to sleep on the floor because the only things left in the house were small items that would fit in our two cars. My blood pressure went up to 173 over 90 because I had no contact with my daughter, and my daughter had to drive a truck seven hundred more miles stressed out over a defective truck and her mother who she could not reach. She finally had to call a friend at 2 a.m. to ask if she could go over to the house and check on me.

I have disputed these charges through my bank because I do not feel anything is owed to Budget or your company that rented an unsafe truck. I also feel that we should be paid for the agony, stress and placement in an unsafe vehicle that could have had disastrous results. I feel that Budget and the Phillip Morris Company should have to pay compensation for this incident to alert them that rental of unsafe vehicles cannot be tolerated.

Barbara Green

(252) 443-0446

Cc: Budget Corporate Office

Federal Trade Commission

Better Business Bureau

This was the second letter sent regarding blatant lies by Phillip Morris Auto Repair and Budget Truck Rental's response to the attorney generals office.

I have dealt with Budget truck rentals for decades and for the first time have a serious complaint about a truck rental from Phillip Morris Auto Repair in Enterprise, Alabama. I am now furious at blatant lies in a letter written by the Phillip Morris auto repair in their letter to the attorney general?s office. This company tells me that even though they rented an unsafe truck to me that Budget is the one responsible because they are an independent dealer. Additionally, I have written to you regarding this matter with no response from your office. Attached is the correspondence sent to you, Better Business, Attorney General?s office and my counselor. This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly by you or Phillip Morris Auto Repair since your dealer placed someone in danger with a make shift gas line and non-inspection.

Phillip Morris Auto Repair has blatantly lied to the Attorney General?s office and if what they state in their letter is true, your customer service staff have also lied. Here are the inaccuracies stated in the company?s letter:

1. First, they have not called my number. I have checked my phone records and they never called.

2. My name is Barbara Green and not Barbara Armstrong

3. Phillip Morris rented an unsafe truck, yet they state that Budget is responsible and not their company

4. They state the case has already been settled because compensation was accepted ? my daughter called to make a complaint because she was the driver, they offered a reduction of $125.00 and I took the phone and told them that I was not willing to accept the compensation. When the customer service agent realized she was not speaking with me in the beginning, she cancelled the reduction. This happened the same day that we returned the truck to the Budget office in North Carolina. I never called customer service back to discuss any compensation or accepted any compensation. I suggest that you pull the telephone recording to hear my conversation with your customer service department.

5. Why would Roadside assistance offer my daughter compensation when the truck repairer was the one who told her the truck was unsafe?

6. Phillip Morris claims they did their inspection; however, that is not what the sticker says on their truck and if they had maintained their truck, a make shift gas line would not have been placed on the truck.

7. If they maintained the truck with a full inspection rented to me on June 28, 2013 why was there a make shift gas line and the gas tank not repaired. If they inspected the truck and missed this they are still at fault.

8. The excuse of running out of stickers is not an excuse. The sticker is supposed to be posted and if not, the assumption is it was not inspected.

9. There was no damage to the truck. They placed an unsafe line to the gas tank and it left the lot that way. I have pictures of the stickers and gas line.

10. I never stated in my letter that I called and spoke to Phillip Morris ? my only dealings with anyone was the customer service operator when I took the phone from my daughter to tell them I did not want that compensation.

Mr. Morris is trying to rectify an error in judgment on his part and if I have to I will go to court with the documentation and verbal statements I have from the auto repair person, witnesses in the gas station, and the budget receiver of the truck in North Carolina. Yes, I want compensation from the Phillip Morris Auto Repair so that they fully realize how irresponsible they have been and the dangerous situation that they placed my daughter and six year old granddaughter. I am not asking for an enormous settlement as I would if I took this to court, but I am not going to pay this company money when they had little regard for the life of the person that they rented this unsafe truck. A slap on the wrist is not enough, they need to feel it in the wallet to take note and not repeat this error again. I am not asking for damages as I would if we were in court, but I cannot in good conscious pay for something that placed my child and grandchild in a dangerous situation. My daughter had to drive the truck to North, Carolina under the stress and strain of the knowledge she was driving an unsafe vehicle. She had no alternative but to drive the truck since she had a load full of furniture.

I would hope that Budget has the integrity that I have experienced in past years - would you allow your daughter to drive a truck put together like the attached? I have attached Mr. Morris letter, my letter with pictures and have asked my attorney if we need to have the records pulled with my one conversation to customer service. Mr. Morris is either lying to cover his inappropriate actions or received the wrong information from customer service or is not aware of what his maintenance staff is doing. Either way, a letter with all the inaccuracies only serve to make me angrier about the money charged on my card for poor service


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