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Company: Sears Roebuck

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My DieHard Standard lasted just 38 months.

Since the sticker on the top read "Maintenance Free", I never checked the electrolyte levels.

When I finally did check the levels, 2 of the cells were very low. Using a turkey baster, both cells took about 10 Oz. of distilled water to bring them to the bottom of the ring.

All of the other cells were extremely low also.

There are no cracks in the case.

Then, after placing the battery on a 10 Amp automatic charger for 10 hours, the battery still failed to start the engine.

When I went to Sears Auto Center at Northridge, CA to have the battery replaced, I decided to pop off the caps of the new battery, to inspect the electrolyte levels.

The first battery was so low that 1 of the cells had no acid above the plates.

On the second and third batteries, I found them equally deficient.

When I alerted the manager of my findings (Employee #750646) and asked him to please look at the battery, he defensively replied, "You just bought that battery because you broke the factory seals".

He said, his Sears training instructed him that "All Sears batteries are maintenance free and no longer uses battery acid".

When I asked him why the new batteries no longer said "Maintenance Free" on the top label, he became even more rude and incensed.

So, to get even with me, he pro-rated the battery not on the original purchase price of $75.00 (as prescribed in the warranty details), but on the new price of $109.99.

The Diehard Standard has a ?72 Month Limited Warranty?.

He calculated the Pro-Rata monthly rate based on ?54 Month Prorated Warranty?.

Because of that method, the adjusted pro-rated price for the battery came to $87.24 total.

$34.00 credit for 38 months usage of a ?72 Month Limited Warranty? is a crime.

Since I was desperate to get my car running again, I reluctantly purchased the battery.

Then, I went to my local NAPA auto store and spent an additional $13.00 for 32 Oz. container of battery acid aka sulfuric acid.

It took almost 8 Oz. to bring the levels to the bottom of the fill ring.

I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years.

That experience will cause me to be my last purchase with Sears auto products.

Tech Note:

What I forgot to mention in my article was - prior to taking the defective battery in to Sears, I tested each cell with a Hydrometer after the 10 hour slow charge.

Two of the cells measured far below the Specific Gravity range of 1260 - 1275, for a fully charged battery.


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