Beijing Huacheng Jinke Technology LTD. - broken warranty promise

Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2013 at 7:41pm CDT by Christian L.

Product: RU+5

Company: Beijing Huacheng Jinke Technology LTD.

Location: Room 1109,No.1 Building,No.66 Yard,Xiaguangli,Chaoyang District,Beijing


Category: Health, Beauty

I purchased a Cavitation/Radio Frequency machine from this company. I paid them in advance via Western Union and they sent the machine to me. When I received the machine I put it together, everyhting looked great, till I turned it on. The Vacuum pump had fallen to the bottom of the machine causing the machine to not work properly. I contacted the saleperson and she recomended I take pictures and videos, so I did as was asked. I told her what the problem was, and after a few days they decided to send me the parts to fix it. though the machine came to me in a broken state they never offered to send out a new and take back the old one. I received the parts and was given no instructions on how to do the repairs. I contacted the salesperson again and she then informed me they couldnt show me how to fix it and suggested I bring the machine to a local repair shop. I said I was willing to bring it in if their company would pay the bill for the repairs on the machine which I received already broken, they wouldnt do that so now they are in the process of getting me a video so that I can do the repairs myself. the video is already made and I was told I would receive in 12 hours.........that time has long since passed. They are still refusing to send out another machine or pay for the repairs, according to the warranty card that was sent to me, they are responsible for fixing it and not me having to do all the work. They will take your money and promise you good warranty......till you need it and then you will be out the money and still have a broken machine.


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