Walmart - Unauthorized Access to Bank Account by Walmart

Posted on Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 5:02am CDT by Umar S.

Company: Walmart

Location: US


Category: Unauthorized Charges

Umar S., 2013-07-26, 02:30AM CDT

I'm a disabled person in Australia some ####@###### in America hacked my Account spending over $420 in Walmart America my bank has been trying to contact Walmart about this Dispute well, can't things speed up how many months does it take, why take all the money a Disabled Pensioner has, I am trying to survive here, Bill Gates wouldn't notice if $100,000 disappeared from his account.. this is Horrendous the transaction was:

350160000880 WALMART.COM 8009666546BENTONVI

for: $423.56

on 24/07/2013 (maybe the 23/07/2013 for you in America)

If I spent that much on something in america imagine the postage cost, I hardly get that amount in a fortnight !?!?!?


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