Miguel Bouza Llc - Landlord steals $4400.00 in deposits

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 8:40pm CST by Robert B.

Product: Landlord

Company: Miguel Bouza Llc

Location: 5201 ocean beach blvd #22

Category: Real Estate

3 years ago I signed 1 year lease with Miguel bouza llc ,our hot water heater went out the guy never fixed it !He sent his DaD to my house on a Sunday at 8 pm at night his dad no speaka English I tried to tell this guy hot water heater is out !Everytime a thunder storm comes thru no power in my garage so I can't get garage door to open !The guy MIGUEL BOUZA doesn't care !He just wants his rent money.There is mold threw out entire home !The garbage disposal never worked properly ?When we complained to the guy he threw us out with an 3 day notice .This landlord is a slumlord do not rent from him this townhomes is located at Villas By The Sea at 5201 Ocean Beach Blvd.apt#22 do not rent from this HACK !He never tried to renew lease in 3years never fixed anything this guy trash !Stay away I intend to sue him !He also threatened me that he is a LAWYER and it will cost him nothing to throw us out and sue me !I thought attorneys shoul be looked up to pillars of the community not this guy he is a a piece of crap ambulance chasing lawyer Do not rent from this scumbag!oh by the way his dad was able to call us white trash and said Miguel dont need tenants like us !My neighbors witnessed the old man trying to come in our house when we weren't home !but installed check chain old goat couldn't get in !oh p.s ice maker never worked dishwasher shot!


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