Alco Buddy/Unique Vending - Breathalyzer Vending Machine

Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 11:01pm CDT by Ronny P.

Product: Alcohol Breathalyzer Machine

Company: Alco Buddy/Unique Vending

Location: 173 North Main St. Suite 244,
SAYVILLE,, NY, 11782, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

Purchased a Breathalyzer vending machine on 2/4/2011 for the purpose of making money and allowing a patron to be aware of their BAC levels. This machine is very hard to place, and has a faulty sensor that gives out inaccurate readings, and doesn't function for a significant length of time. The company also practices a unfair money back guarantee of 7 days from date of purchase for the type of product it is. The company knows full well that it takes a while to place these machines do to bar owners being skeptical and worried that it would be a liability or patrons that may not continue to bye alcohol after they have received their readings. This was two years ago and I moved to a new state and still can't place this machine to make my money back.


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Robert Allyn L., 2013-07-25, 10:01AM CDT

Let me Paraphrase your comment.

You Bought a machine in the hope that it would make you money but you havent been able to find a business to partner with you on it and think the manufacuter should take the hit for your lack of market resurch. And the fact they only offer a 7 day return is a rip off.

I think I got that correct.

Wow, you need a two year busniess program at your local comunity colege

Sara J., 2013-08-14, 10:15PM CDT

WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT OUR MONEY AND RUN! My husband and I bought 20 of these machines from Alco-buddy's President himself. He invoiced us on 6/10/2013. He prefers payment by wire transfer which we did on 6/11/13. He told us the order would take 10 days to 2 weeks. At 2 weeks, no order arrived, nor an explanation. I had to contact him, and his reply was "they're almost ready, they're about to ship." This went on week after week, each time without any apology, I contacted the man who continued with the same reply. Finally, on 7/31/13, he contacts us via email and tells us he has to have another $1600 to complete our order. It seems he only budgeted $100 per machine for the bill acceptors in building our machine. This, he explained was for the most basic bill acceptor which frequently had problems. These were no longer available from his supplier, and the only one available was a step up bill acceptor which had been enhanced to accept the newer currency and had few problems. He further says he put these on all of his personal machines (Makes you want to ask why he doesn't already put the better acceptor on machines for his clients if he already knows the others aren't as good, right? Wait, it gets better...) He tells us those acceptors are $189 each, therefore, he now demands another $89 per our 18 machines (Oh, he did finally send us 2 machines the second week of July, with promises he was shipping the rest "now"). The total he now demands is $1600. He tells us our choices are give him the money, or he will send us the incomplete, non-working machines without the bill acceptors. We remind him he quoted a price, invoiced it, and we paid it for 20 machines. At every time interval he told us machines were being completed and shipped when they were not. We have told him at this time that since he has not honored his own price by asking us to pay him again for work he already did not complete, we simply want our money back. He now refuses to refund our money, and continues to insist we either give him money or take non-working machines, which is not what we ordered. I have seen other complaints saying they must have previously had a 7 day return of now, per Berlingieri, there is no return policy. Apparently, the no refund portion on his invoice is the only thing Berlingieri will honor, because he certainly doesn't care when or what he charges, or if he delivers the order at all. Oh, and he has emailed me intimidating claims about how he is related to many attorneys and he and his family are very politically connected, when we told him we were considering legal action. As for any comments from him or the Alco-Buddy people, let me say this: I have copies of the Invoice, and each and every Email, directly from Mr. John Berlingieri, President of Alco-Buddy, and I have detailed what happened to us, and copies of the above to a number of state agencies in our home state, and theirs in NY, so they are welcome to dispute anything I say, but it should be a matter of fact, in their President's own writing. Oh, and a BBB online complaint is useless. We did not know until after this happened to us that we were their 11th complaint of this business, the last 7 of which before us were not even answered by the company. As of right now, we're out almost $14000.

Ronny P., 2013-08-15, 02:50PM CDT

Hello Sara J. I am in the process of trying to start a class action lawsuit. These people are burning people left and right? Are you willing to assist me in this process? For the person who commented before you. Sir you can kiss it where the sun don't shine. Yuo get paid by alco-buddy to post comments all over the web that make alco-buddy look good. Stop it ok...we all know alco-buddy is a scam.

Sara J., 2013-08-15, 04:08PM CDT

Ronny and others who have dealt with Alco-buddy,

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Also, we would be very interested in collecting even more evidence to move toward a class action suit rather than continuing to go it alone. Furthermore, if anyone wishes to dispute my comment or is researching doing business with this company PLEASE contact me and I will send you the emails and invoice if you like.

Sara J., 2013-10-05, 04:32PM CDT

Ronny please call me. I have new info on the prospect of class action. To the public: Somewhere there are several more people who got taken. Please email me, we are trying to get everyone together!!!

Sara J., 2014-05-31, 01:06AM CDT

Trying to reach Ronny and any other victims out there of Alcobuddy. Please email or call me Ronny regarding new developments in pursuing justice for those of us robbed by AlcoBuddy. If you are new or a recently robbed victim, please email me at my email listed in my prior posts!

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