Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN) - Terrible! and Never Ending Nighmare

Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 at 5:38pm CDT by a542788f

Company: Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN)

Location: 3701 S Broadway


Category: Other

Have now found an earlier review from another re impression of dr(s) being incredibly rude (it was a filtered review on another site - wish I'd found prior to making my appt). It was correct in my opinion. Lousy service and a real billing scam once they have your billing info. Made an appt for a specialist (have a GP but no health ins and was refrd to this op by another specialists office as a means to be seen faster than the month plus it would take to get in elsewhere, and since what was going on could be life-threatening)...Assured by MCPN rep that appt was to be w/specialist, not another GP which I already have.....but once there was seen by a very rude regular MD who spoke at me as if I were a child and owed her something. I left w/out completion of visit (informed the dr of how rude I found her and, aside from her not being the specialist I'd been told I was making the appt w, I didn't wish to deal w/her), paid my office visit fee, and called in next day to cxl any and all potential future activity/close acct. Still, recvd a new bill and had to call in and clear up - supposedly a closed acct/issue (again) at end. Still, later, recvd a mailed referral to a specialist as if I was still a patient. Then, a month later recvd an all new bill, for what is unclear, and on calling in they couldn't tell me either save maybe for a prescription but they couldn't say further (I'm not even a patient of theirs, so if there is now suddenly some prescription associated w/that initial and incomplete, and where is/are it/they going?). Unable to reach the office mgr for any further clarification, placed on hold by another office rep until gave up at 10 min and tried back but unable to reach a real person then. Unbelievable and far worse for my health and well-being than any possibility of death for lack of medical attention (which after other appts elsewhere and MRI, I'm familiar w/potential for and don't need this mess to deal w/too from a clinic that hasn't ever done anything save misinform/waste time/treat rudely/find ways to try to charge out etc etc


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