Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 at 12:48am CDT by Saki M.

Product: Newspaper subscribtion


Location: US

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Good morning

I took a subcription with SUNDAY WORLD sometime last year (2012)in June to deliver a copy of their newspaper every sunday, I only received a copy ones and since i havent received anyting from them. I changed the address and notified them and still nothing. I called them to make them aware of this matter and check if they have the correct address which is :5 Glen Oakes Lombard street Hilton Bloem 9301 and it was the address they have on the system and still no delivery. Early August I called to cancel and they told me that there is a 30 days notice and we agreed that they would cancel. In December when checking my bankstatement i saw that they are still deducting and I called them and they appologised saying they would cancel with immediate effect. In February 2013 they are still deducting and I called again they promised to cancel which they never did. In June 2013 they still deducting and and my request of cancellation is not preccessed. I call them almost everyday and they tell me its going to take 30 days before cancellation and they will refund me, they keep telling me that the supervisor by the name of Grace will call me and up until today I have received a call from Grace or any memeber of management. Its now going to a full year after I requested a cancellation and its still not proccessed. i called again and they promised that Grace will call me. I am sick and tired of calling this joke of a company. They are stilling from me, what kind of a company is this??? Please assist as I want my money back and this to be cancelled. My name is Saki Masilo 0832092998.


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