Michael Rinder Consulting - Michael Rinder Consulting, Unprofessional and Dishonest

Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 at 6:53pm CDT by 52606fdd

Company: Michael Rinder Consulting

Location: US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

We were introduced to Michael Rinder as a professional who could help us join a class action lawsuit and get some money out of the company we wanted to sue. He said that he knew some good lawyers and he had experience serving as a go-between in this kind of lawsuits. We discovered that he is slick and talks well, but he does not deliver. We saw that he had a number of other people join the lawsuit, who had an axe to grind and were willing to say anything to try to get a settlement. This was not good for us, as we had a legitimate case, and we were bundled with a bunch of morons. To top it all, Rinder left a printout of our correspondence with him (where we discussed our strategy for winning this lawsuit) in a public location. Someone found it and posted it on the Internet. This was the end of our hope to win this class action lawsuit. When we tried to sue Michael Rinder (he lives in Florida) we found that he operates using MJR Consulting, a delinquent Colorado-based LLC company.

Because of Michael Rinder, we lost our only hope to get justice. We have since heard from other people in Florida who have had similar experiences with Rinder. In the meantime, Rinder was compensated by the lawyer that he connected us with, but we lost everything. Michael Rinder is unprofessional and dishonest. We checked him out on the internet, and we see that he was affiliated with two well-known South Florida scams with convicted people on their teams. This was Impulse Marketing (a fraudulent telemarketer promoting marketing scams like the Acai Berry diet) and Origin Technologies (a company that folded after trying to market some machines that did not work as represented). Do not do business with Michael Rinder, especially if he says he can connect you with lawyers. He is a dishonest person who knows how to present himself as a successful businessman working with influential law firms. It is all hot air. He will take your money and leave you stranded, and laugh all the way to the bank.


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