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Product: Garry Lynn Hart


Location: 525 Park Paseo
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89104, US

URL: http://www.hartcoindustries.com/

Category: Building, Construction

I, along with many others, worked with Garry Lynn Hart on various projects in Las Vegas, Nevada, under various business names ? Hartco Construction, Hartco Industries, Hartco Design Builders, Hartco Electric, Caf? 525, Hartland Mansion (NV license 0036126, CA license 772563).

While working with Garry Lynn Hart I learned from vendors, clients, co-workers, former employees that, among other issues, he is not in good standing in the community.

I remained optimistic despite these findings and continued to work with Garry Lynn Hart.

After several months I learned that a great majority of Gary Lynn Hart?s employees lack the skill and training for the job. Many have medical and mental conditions that jeopardize their safety, safety of others, and their workmanship.

Often times they accept meager wages because of their conditions and hardships. Some of them sleep on the sidewalks on Hartland Mansion property ? Las Vegas, Nevada. They?ve expressed that they are fearful of reprisal from Garry Lynn Hart.

I understand this because I witnessed Garry Lynn Hart flash a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police badge at staff of a street event. I found out later that it was an honorary badge.

After three months of receiving my wages in installments, continued negative reports from co-workers and clients, it was time that I cut ties with Garry Lynn Hart.

I asked for payment in full. Garry Lynn Hart agreed to pay me ?soon?.

In August 2010, after many broken promises from Garry Lynn Hart, I was forced to file a complaint with the Labor Commission in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It seems that Garry Lynn Hart ? aka WarWitch ? felt that he could retaliate by creating a libelous statement on Ripoff Report as he has done with others.

Instead of conducting himself as a professional, as a gentleman, he creates fictional events and reports of his victims. He makes libelous statements, files fictitious reports and false claims. Some of which I?m prepared to serve as witness to in a court of law.

To add insult to injury Garry Lynn Hart used his employer records and unlawfully disclosed my personal information for the posting. He also sent multiple vulgar and threatening text messages to my girlfriend. His texts included disgusting mentions of my mother and family. The messages were witnessed by one of his close associates.

To this day Garry Lynn Hart has received compensation from his clients for my work, uses the graphics that I designed for his businesses, and reaps rewards from my designs of his social media sites.

All victims of Garry Lynn Hart should share their experiences freely without fear of threat or intimidation with the intent to incite justice to act swiftly and fairly to bring resolve to these matters once and for all.

I challenge Garry Lynn Hart ? aka WarWitch, dba Hartco ? to provide evidence contrary to my citing; resolve complaints against him professionally and ethically. (Don?t use Mark Hopper to do your internet dirty work).

Read what others are saying at Hartco Hell on Wordpress; Hartco on Scambook, Pissed Consumer, Scam [dot] com, and Google.


mark h., 2013-08-06, 02:27PM CDT

I've worked with Garry Hart for years and he has always paid me in full and in cash on time. He also did a remodel on a home for a client of mine and did a great job on time.

Mark Hopper

231f790d, 2014-04-22, 12:10AM CDT

We installed artificial grass for these scam artists years ago werent paid a single dime towards the $2500 that they owed. We lowered their cost to a mere $4.50/sq ft (normally $6/sq ft for the grass they chose). And STILL, they had the nerve to not pay us a single dime despite the endless calls which only resulted in 1 excuse after another. We haven't forgotten. Karma will come their way. They r a disgrace to those who trust that they are on the up and up.

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