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Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 12:21pm CDT by 78d9f277

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We had our roof redone 7 years ago when we did a remodel on our home. We had a licensed bonded contractor. He used CERTAINTEED SHINGLE with a 30 year limited warranty. We recently had an insert put into our chimney to keep the birds out, our contractor told us to come up the ladder to look at our roof. The grid stuff on the shingle was worn off in many areas. We couldn't believe it and called our contractor who looked at it and stated it is faulty shingle not to worry most roofing companies stand by their product. This was not hail damage as the roof vent is not pitted. Also our truck sits out all the time and it has not had damage. The contractor got a hold of Certainteed and they requested a huge packet of pictures, some shingle, lot numbers everything you can imagine. We filled out everything with our contractor. Certainteed answered with a letter stating they would pay us $1000. as good faith money, they will rebate us $15.00 off per square for us to redo our 30 year roof with their product. They claim they are assisting us and their settlement is final. We had this roof done with 30 year shingle because we figured we'd be dead by the time another roof would be needed. We told them since we don't go on our roof, this problem could be one year old or days old, we might not have noticed until the roof started leaking. So far we have had three estimates and all the contractors have stated in their opinion, the shingle is defective. We never thought of checking out the shingles going on our roof before this as we hired a licensed contractor that does roofs every day. The new estimates are around $12,000. Beware of Certainteed shingle as the limited warranty is really limited. We somehow expected the company to truly warrant their product, all I want is a roof that should look 7 years old not needing replacement, their product is not holding up and it is at our expense. Bottomline, stay as far away from Certainteed Shingle as you can, you could have a limited 30 year warranty like ours that in 7 years is worth $1000. And $15.00 off a square if you buy their Certainteed shingle. If you already have Certainteed shingle, you might want to climb up and look at your roof and start reading about the limited warranty, you might need a new roof too.

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John B., 2013-09-09, 09:44PM CDT

If the Roofer was not a Certified by Certainteed Roofer, then you will get only a 5 yr warranty on the shingles, with a prorated only 30 year warranty on the shingles, you are really lucky that you received any warranty offer at all.

Just because the guy that did the roof has done roofs before, does not mean he is really a qualified roofer

We are Certified by Certainteed and GAF (we take classes, seminars, take test each year) and are very careful that we follow their instructions and put on the roof by exactly their prescribed methods.

Certainteed and GAF have been making Asphalt shingles for over a hundred years.

This is not rocket science, just follow their instructions and put the roof on, they have

never refused warranty claims I have submitted. They send out the rep, we visit the Roof in question and they follow thru with the warranty.


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Savannah, Georgia Area

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