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Posted on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 at 4:14pm CDT by 70769b36

Product: Psychic reading/Laura Scott

Company: Ancient Stardust

Location: NY, US

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I do not make it a habit to call or use psychics, but I did this time. Laura Scott is the owner of Ancient Stardust and she is being promoted by "Best Psychic Mediums" owner Bob Olson as one of the best in the business. Bob says he used to be a naysayer but now promotes Laura Scott, perhaps he may receive a kickback. He is on another website one can go to if one is looking for 'the best' reviews of psychics in the business; that is how I found Laura Scott.

I paid $420. for a 65 minute reading by Laura and it was a total scam from the very beginning. She asked for a list of very specific questions I might have and she wanted details in these questions; she then used these details to give back information. However, not once was any information correct. I stayed on the phone the entire time only because I wanted to see if perhaps she might have some truth, some ability, but she had none. She told me things about my family who had died that were so completely off I could only laugh; she tried to cover up but it was no use. I'm planning to winter in Florida, she kept telling me to do things like remember sunscreen lotion and bug protection for my cat. Do I need a psychic for that? Ok, I've made a huge mistake, but please warn others not to book with Laura Scott. She uses all the psycho babble and takes ones money, I've learned my lesson. I did contact her and ask if she would be willing to do another reading to prove she was real, or not. I never heard back from her. I tried to contact Bob Olsen but could find no contact information.

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b5e920f7, 2014-08-12, 02:17AM CDT

I also found Laura Scott on Bob Olson's Afterlife TV and made an appointment based on his review saying she totally raised the bar for him on what to expect from a psychic. Laura did speak of my late husbands personalty in general terms, but did not follow up with anything specific. And she was able to call out some problems I am having in my life in general terms, but this is information I already had. I was looking for the insight and wisdom she claims to access to help improve a situation, not provide a general overview of the problem. I did not find she was able to offer me anything more than that. And I foolishly allowed the hour long appointment to run over waiting for that moment of clarity and wisdom to come. It never did. She introduced me to my guides and went on to tell me I could call on them when I was running late, needed to remember something at the grocery store or what to cook for dinner. Really?? Beyond that there were things that just made no sense at all. At no point did I feel I was receiving the kind of wisdom and insight Bob Olsen calls out in his review, that says

"Laura Scott can communicate with spiritual masters and elders to discover your life purpose, life themes and to know your spirit guides. She has done it for me and the reading provided me with insight that I used daily. ~ Bob Olson"

I have been a big fan of Afterlife TV and Bob Olsen. I am left with unfamiliar skepticism. And considering her hourly rate of $420. I am feeling ripped off.

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