Burger King - Management Drive Thru Scam

Posted on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 at 11:08pm CDT by 69667a06

Product: fast food

Company: Burger King

Location: 2560 Pkwy

Category: Food

Before this incident. Management and employees enjoyed my visits and of course money. I am a valued customer. Sadly, on this date around 2pm. A female manager in her late 40s was rude and accused me of not paying for my order of 1 large sweet potato fries and 1 pulled pork sandwich. My order was placed by a chinese girl in her 20s. She did not give me a receipt. I gave her $5.00 at the 1st window. The second window when I pulled up was given a burger and a cup of ice I did not order. The manager approached the window and said I did not pay for my food. I handed her back the burger that I did not order.She kept asking for a receipt before she handed my food. Told her I was not given one. She was rude and wasted my time. I told her I gave her the 1st window attendant my $5.00. I owed $2.00. I gave her my $2.00. She was still harassing me for a receipt and accused me of not paying for my food. I told her she stole my $5.00. Eventually she had heart to give me my food and let me go.


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