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Posted on Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 5:54am CDT by Arnab Guha

Product: Galaxy S II mobile phone

Company: Samsung India

Location: Sector 31, 35, HUDA Main market, Gurgaon 122001


Category: Consumer Electronics


I had purchased a Samsung Galaxy S II from Homeshop18 online shopping in November 2012. A few days later, when I connected the phone to my computer via Samsung supplied interface software - Kies, the software asked me to update the phone. I did that but kept showing some error. I spoke with Samsung Call Centre and they subsequently asked me to visit their Service centre in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, India. This is where the nightmare started. The people at the service centre did some software update and after that the phone kept switching off and hanging on its own. I had to take the battery out to restart as and when I would realise that the phone has switched off.

I escalated the complain to the CEOs office email published in the Samsung India website. Each time someone will call and ask me to visit the service centre as a standard stock response to all issues. I have been very patient and visited more than 5 - 7 times and each time they would do some trial and error method with my phone such as reload operating system, change PBO, change battery etc. They even broke the case and replaced when I pointed it out.

During these intervening 6 -7 months, I do not know how many important calls I have missed because of the innumerable times the phone has switched without me being aware of it. The strange part is people do not get to hear the standard message - phone is switched off - instead they hear a normal ringing tone and think that I am not responding to their calls - this I am sure everyone will accept as extremely insulting to any caller.

Despite my repeated complains and requests for changing the handset with a new defect free set especially since they are unable to identify the core problem with this handset, there has been no response on this whatsoever other than the earlier mentioned stock answer of "We regret and please visit service centre" type.

I have had near miss situations of flight miss as the alarm did not go off because the phone switched off on its own at night. Many more such harrowing experiences which Samsung and their employees are extremely insensitive to since they are drunk in their success in the mobile market.

However, if this is how it continues, many more harassed and thoroughly frustrated customers such as me will ensure that every single possible consumer forum site, domestic and international, is flooded with experiences as mine. This will surely create the desired ripple effect of protecting other unsuspecting customers who get allured by Samsung's big spending on advertisement and so called brand building exercises via media.

Even at this juncture, I am willing to go a step forward towards amicable resolution by offering alternates which Samsung need to address before July 2013 end.

The alternates are:

1. Replace my handset with a defect free same model handset and compensate for the financial and mental trauma I have undergone with any of their mutually acceptable in-house product.

2. Replace my current handset with an upgraded version such as S IV and offer mutually acceptable discount on the price difference.

3. Refund the complete price paid by me for the phone with mutually acceptable compensation for the financial and mental trauma I have undergone.

Choice is now with Samsung - to be a customer's choice in the mobile business or to be Kasht aur Maar's (Hindi words meaning: Kasth ? pain, hardship, trouble and Maar ? Die) attitude towards the Indian customers especially since both the Indian Consumer Protection Law and the system makes it virtually impossible for a common man to get justice..


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