William Stredde - Apple I phone replacement

Posted on Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 6:57am CDT by Marcia S.

Product: Apple I phone 4

Company: William Stredde

Location: US

Category: Telecommunications

My iPhone 4 was stolen from my hotel room. Made a claim to get another one. I had the phone only three months. Then I was shipped a reconditioned phone with a small hair line crack in it. I could live with the crack but the phone would drop calls and people could not hear me continuously. I went to AT&T after only five days of having the phone. They could not help me but did make record on my account. I had to leave on business and while in Denver I went to an Apple store. They could not help me as the phone was reconditioned. Now I'm in Tennessee and Assyrian Insurance, as per a phone call told me to take the phone to a AT&T store and they would replace the phone. I did they didn't and I was on the phone for 45 minutes being transferred around.

I paid two hundred dollars for a new replacement phone, was shipped a defective used phone. Now I have to pay Apple another 70 dollars to reinstate warranty service to find out if they can fix it.

I started this before the warrantee ran out in the first place. I have got nothing but the run around over this and my phone still cuts out.

I should get the two hundred dollars returned to my account pleas.


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