Comcast - Misled by Comcast - Connectivity Problems

Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2013 at 1:12pm CDT by jon h.

Company: Comcast

Location: US

Category: Internet Services

After a month + of replacing stuff at the Comcast techs

suggestion with no results, I finally talked to someone

at Comcast that noticed our signal from Comcast

(stream power level) was a very low -4.5. (The best is -1.0 recommended minimum is -3.0).

Comcast came to our house and traced the problem back to the

Junction box on the street (corroded components- which he replaced).

We now have a robust -1.48 stream power level and all is well.

What is most annoying about all this is that the Comcast techs that I talked to had access to this information but chose to have me needlessly replace perfectly good components instead.

I know this because after I talked with the Comcast Signature Service Rep who noticed the problem, I called the regular Comcast tech to schedule the repair. When I told them about the low power level their comment was, "Yes, I see that."

Dang! If "they see that" why didn't they send a repairman to fix it a month ago???????

We needlessly had to put up with a month of daily service interruptions and re-booting of modem and router, not to mention time and cost to replace unneeded components.


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