ServPro of Easton, Bethlehem & Whitehall - Very Dissatisfied with ServPro

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 4:19pm CDT by Marisa V.

Product: ServPro

Company: ServPro of Easton, Bethlehem & Whitehall

Location: 1041 North Quebec Street

Category: Products, Services

We had a house fire in August 2011. ServPro of Bethlehem was supposed to take care of the cleaning of our items. There were many problems: things stolen, (they stated that they noticed the items were missing, but they never said anything until we filed a police report), things broken, things ruined, things never cleaned, leaving our personal photos and items outside to get ruined, many thousands of sports cards were ruined and most of the best ones ironically went missing, taking months to remove the items from the home (when they wrote in the paperwork that they estimated they would be done with the job in 2-4 weeks), taking so long to remove items that everything was moldy, not even taking everything that they wrote on the paperwork (washing machine, dryer,?), insurance had to pay another company to remove all of the items left behind by servpro when they were done (which were moldy and all ruined by the time servpro was finished), waiting about 8 months before starting to clean items,(we have paperwork from them with dates to prove it), not bringing stuff back until months after we moved back into house (and then charging us for storage for those months), we needed to get a dumpster to dispose of all the ruined items that were supposed to be cleaned, list of taken items was very vague, I had to clean any item that was not ruined because it was still dirty, never gave us a list of discarded items or itemized list of how they cleaned items (which we repeatedly asked for), we have had several meetings because we were dissatisfied during when they worked for us, but the issues were never resolved, there were several different crew chiefs during the job and the one who started the job no longer worked for them when the job was supposed to be completed, never finished everything they promised (cleaning debris from gutters, picking up glass outside). We have many pictures and even paperwork from them stating how long they waited to clean items. ServPro got paid partially from insurance, now they are suing my husband and I for about 24,000. My husband signed the paperwork after the fire. I never read, signed or agreed to anything with them. My husband is disabled and going through disability. I have him and 4 children to take care of (2 of them have autism spectrum disorder, and I have my own medical issues). This whole matter has been very stressful to our whole family.

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Marisa V., 2013-12-18, 12:16AM CST

We have had so many problems with ServPro so I started a facebook page with pictures and documentation. Please feel free to check it out, share, and post your experience on this page as well. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what my family is still going through because of them.

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