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Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 11:12am CDT by Tracy M.

Company: Comcast

Location: 12641 Corporate Lakes Dr


Category: Products, Services

My name is Tracy I work for Lakeside AC Iam the office manager. We signed up with Comcast in January never received service until February. They said they would take care of all the transfers from Centurylink. 1st they never changed over 1 of our phone #s they transferred the wrong number. So for over a month our customers were calling who knows where. I really dont know how many customers we lost. Then the telephones were always down or the internet was not working.I was always on the phone with them and the calls would take hours. I was always trying to get something fixed. Being a business we rely on our phones and if they are not working then how does one run a business??? Nicholas Fisher the original salesman came in had my boss Danny Hammock sign the contract then I could never get a hold of him again. I have dates and ticket numbers and names. Finally on 6/12 we had had enough we went back to Centurylink.. After having pay an early disconnect fee with Centurylink that the salesman at Comcast never told my boss about. He just said dont worry I will take care of everything. Now we received a disconnect order with us being liable for $4061.. When i called to ask why they replied for service for the next 3 years at 75%. What are they crazy what service. i never received great service from this company. I received nothing but problems from day 1. i just want other consumers to know and becareful there are wolves out there. They will get you anyway they can. Thanks Tracy


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