Eagans Home Furnishings - Furniture Fiasco

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 5:51pm CDT by Kathleen F.

Product: Lacrosse Sofa Sleeper

Company: Eagans Home Furnishings

Location: 2301 N Walnut St,
CAMERON, MO, MO, 64429, US

URL: eagansfurniture.com

Category: Home, Garden

purchased a $1229.00 sofa sleeper through this company. It fell apart less than two years later. At the time of purchase the sales rep went on and on about their "lifetime" warranty. When I called them yesterday to ask about repairs they informed me that it would cost me $35.00 for them to pick it up, $36.00 per hour in labor to repair it, and another $35.00 per hour to return it to me. When we originally told them we would take it, we asked them if the company would add a 7" vs a 5" mattress we even said we would pay extra for it. They held our order another week while they allegedly went back and forth with the manufacturer about the different mattress and I think they were repairing it instead because the finally told us that the company would not changed the size of the mattress.

When I told them it was unacceptable it was unacceptable that we should have to pay "labor" and pick up delivery fees on this very expensive sofa they told me that the manufacture, Lacrosse of Lacrosse Kansas set the warranty and they had nothing to do with it. when I contacted Lacrosse they indicated that the seller is the one who decides whether to honor the warranty or not but they would provide a new mechanisim free of charge. I gave up dealing with the both of them and have sent the sofa to Goodwill we couldn't use it anyway. Thanks for screwing us out of our money and our enjoyment of new furniture for the first time in 20 years.

When we purchased the sofa I tipped their delivery drivers $100.00 for bringing it up a steep set of stairs in the hot weather and I at least expected that they would want to work with me but this is the best they could do. I told them I didn't feel that I should have to pay anything since the sofa was not even two years old yet but they were insistent that they would not cover the warranty repair costs.


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