Frontier Airlines - Avoid Frontier Airlines like the plague.

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 2:51pm CDT by Kristin J.

Company: Frontier Airlines

Location: PROVO, 84606, US

Category: Airlines

I recently flew to Chicago and back, all on Frontier. It was the worst flight experience I have ever had.

1. Frontier lost our bag.

We arrived in Chicago the night before my wedding reception, but our bag didn't. They told us that the next flight wouldn't arrive until 1:40 p.m., meaning (best case scenario) we would have our bag back to us by 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. the next day. Well, I couldn't chance going naked to my reception, so I had to buy a NEW DRESS for my wedding. The most stressful part? FRONTIER DOESN'T SCAN THEIR BAGS. They had no idea whether our lost bag was still back in Salt Lake or in Denver where our layover was because they don't scan the bags! Our compensation? Refunded baggage fee and reimbursement of up to 30% of whatever we had to buy. Yeah, that doesn't go far for a new wedding reception dress, Frontier. Thanks for nothing.

2. After the flight back, several items in our suitcase was broken. They must have been handling them very roughly, because a thick, sturdy wooden hanger was broken in HALF, and there was shattered glass all over in our luggage from a picture frame that we had carefully wrapped in clothes and soft items to protect. Oh well, at least they didn't lose the bag entirely this time.

3. Frontier doesn't serve complimentary drinks or snacks. At all. You can get a tiny glass of water for free, but they'll glare at you for it.

4. We booked our seats online, but when we checked in we had different seats, not together. On one flight they were able to change it back, but on the others, a very rude attendant told us that they had the right to change our seats without notifying us. This was a very unpleasant surprise for us as newlyweds who just wanted to sit together. However, other people had it much worse. A family on our flight (mom, dad, and two children under the age of 4) had the same problem. They had booked seats together, but when they arrived at the airport, NONE of their 4 seats were together, and the attendant refused to help them or switch their seats. The poor family, even those little kids, had to split up. You expect this kind of thing on Southwest, where their policy has always been open seating, but on any other airline, you would think you could count on having the seats you purchased! Not on Frontier, apparently.

I will never fly Frontier airlines ever again, no matter how desperate I am or how cheap it is. No wonder Frontier has gone bankrupt in the past. It is the most backwoods, poorly organized, trashy airline out there.


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