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Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at 1:07pm CDT by Lady B.

Company: Louis Vuitton

Location: US

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I had the same run around. Its crazy that I'm reading the same comments over and over. I was so upset with customer service and the sales staff in the store. Its really a shame they treat their customer this way. LV Staff/customer service is rude and they know they can get away with it. They remind me of this Nail salon in my area. Because thy have the clients and they think they are the best. they don't care if they talk to rude. they did it right in front of the customers. this is were we need to take action as a customer and stop patronizing. the nail shop does not respond to BBB either. because they know they have loyal customers and do not care about certain issue. We the people really need to find a way to boycott and expose them through media or what ever it takes. I show random people what happen to my speedy bag. Ripped at the bottom on all four sides. How bad customer service is and I stand out in front the store and show people what happen to my b bag. Tell them to go to the web research the amount of complaints.

We really need to go after LV

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Lily M., 2013-07-21, 12:19AM CDT

Sounds like you might need to get other hobbies.

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