Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at 3:13pm CDT by Awakened 1.


Location: CLEAR Dept. CH 14365 Palatine, IL 60055-4365
PALATINE, IL, 60055-4365, US


Category: Internet Services

I am truly outraged by this companies lack of responsibility. I was out of 'internet & phone' for over 24hrs which my service wasn't turned back on again until about 1:25pm Sunday. I was told the last time I called Saturday evening it would only take about 2 more hours to regain service.

Upon contacting customer support I was told I would be issued a$2 credit but the rep said he would bump it up to $5. I complained and had a manager call me back; he also insists the best he can credit is $5.

I am a customer who frequently have issues with my service and is often calling on a weekly-bi-weekly basis for connectivity/phone issues. The company rebuttals that they just gave me a credit back in May and therefore, do not feel oblige to give me another credit. The issue I dealt with in that manor was not having a shortage of 24hrs with BOTH phone and internet service.

I think this 'CLEARLY' shows a lack or respect for their customers and our needs. I have a home-based internet business which could have turned out much worst if I had a customer who wanted over-night delivery service; luckily that wasn't the case this time but I was jammed today with overly abundance of emails and now rushing to 'supply and demand' for my customers orders. I honestly cannot see how 'clear' is not taking responsibility for their actions.

I understand service was down in my area due to outage due to several days/weeks of on/off rain & storms; I do not have a issue with that but I do have an issue with lack of compensation for my time and long-term customer loyalty.

I am asking for a credit of $25 in this matter at this time to be reflected for my next billing cycle.


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