Floor Source - This company sells flooring under one name when in fact it is another,

Posted on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 at 9:18am CDT by 1e892157

Product: flooring supplier

Company: Floor Source

Location: 1283 Enclave Road

Category: Building, Construction

I bought flooring from a local retailer. Floor Source has the warranty for the product. As the floor was being installed it showed large knot holes as well as mineral streaks and large variations in color and stain. This was not is the floor sample which I purchased the flooring from. Three days after installation I started seeing white spots and other defects in the floor. The retailer was informed and a complaint was sent to the supplier and Floor Source. We hired an independent certified floor inspector to come in. After much research and talking with a representative of Floor Source, he found out that the floor was not teak as sold to us ,but black locust. We also opened up a unused box and found that white spots were on the material and also that there was three different grades of material in the boxes. This was not informed to us. Floor Source's warranty does not cover anything after installation and has a very limited warranty before installation. How does a company get by with falsely advertising a product as teak when in fact it is black locust? How do they get by with putting more than one grade of material in a box without informing the consumer about this?

Why does this company not stand behind the products the sell ?


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