Safe Home Security - Safe Home Security , Failure to Deliver promised services

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 1:00pm CDT by Daniel M. H.

Product: Home Security Company

Company: Safe Home Security

Location: 55 Sebethe Drive


Category: Home, Garden

In July of 2010, we received a Call from a Company Named Safeguard America, a home Security Company. They were trying to Sell and install a Wireless G.E. Home Security System. We were coming to the End of our Previous Providers , so we decided to make a Change. On the 28th of July the Company sent a Man to install the system . He was not very familiar with what he was doing. He spent many hours on the Phone,talking to his Office for guidance. He was here over 13 hours , to install a Wireless system. ADT, Hard Wired the house in Half the time and we never had a Problem. The Panel, and a cell Phone dialer, was all that was changed. All Sensors were in Place and working, from my previous system. By the grace of God he finally got a signal and left. He came back the next day to confirm it was working and to get some papers signed, he forgot the day before. He also tried to jack up the bill, as he said he undercharge me. There was a confrontation at the start, but we needed the system and proceeded . My wife was not here and he asked me to sign her name on the contract, which I really was uncomfortable with. I didn't have her Power of Attorney, but he said it was OK. So I signed it. The system tested OK and he left. The system did work until Feb. of 2011. We had a severe Ice Storm, and the system reacted, to a power failure. That did show on the Alarm Companies Station , but cleared and reset. That was the Last activity shown from our system, per the Monitoring Lady, I spoke with in August,when the Problems were realized. Upon arriving Home,from Vacation,I have always called and informed the Alarm Station, we were entering Our Home. When I called , she informed me , our Alarm was not visible to her , as Active. I told her it tested fine, locally, and I did not know it wasn't working. I thought we were protected, and have paid for A WORKING SYSTEM, but didn't receive it. The Alarm Station Operator called in a Work Order, to repair the system, and the call ended. When we arrived Home, I didn't enter my Code, to see if the Local Alarm was working. It did when we entered, but there was no signal sent to the Alarm Company. We didn't get the phone call we normally would get if it was working. Several days passed and we received a call and allowed the alarm Repairman to look at the Alarm. Ryan was his name and he found several problems, with the System. A broken Wire was located, inside the sealed panel box. he fixed the wire and tried to send a Test Signal to the Alarm station. It Failed and after a Lengthy Diagnostic, determined the System needed some new components. Ryan spoke with his Supervisor, told him the problems and was told the New parts were going to be sent. Several weeks passed and we heard nothing. I made several calls and was given several empty promises. I finally called Ryan, and he informed me, they were not going to make it right. I stopped the automatic Payments and then I started getting Bills. They didn't offer anything to resolve the matter, they just wanted money. I asked about the Time we had paid for, but were unprotected. This problem was passed up and down the Company. Lisa, Customer Service Manager, Tina, Installation Manager, to Scott Mcginnis, GE Homeland Security, were all aware and did nothing to fix the problem. The balance on the contract, if completed, would be around 800.00. This sorry Company has turned me over to a Dirtbag collection agency for almost 1400.00. They are calling and harassing me EVERYDAY and said the would not stop, no matter what. I OWE THEM, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT LIVED UP TO THEIR END OF THE DEAL. Sold a service, we Paid as long as it was working. It stopped, they didn't fix it. We stopped paying, due to failure to deliver as promised. Plain and Simple. PLEASE do not allow this Company into your Home. I am a Former Federal Firefighter and disabled Vet. Please use a Different Company !!


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