Christine Berry Calgary, Canada - Canadian Child Star Angelique Marion Berry & Mom Christine Berry Fired From Hollywood PR FIRM

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PRLog (Press Release) ? July8, 2013 ? CALGARY, Canada ?Child Star Angel Marion Berry and Chrisine Berry Released from Hollywood PR Agency

Hollywood Pr Agency accuses Calgary, Canada, Christine Berry of Shady Social Media Dealings

it seemed like Child Star Angel Marion Berry had a bright future ahead of her in Hollywood!

This dimmed after reports came in that Angels mother Chrstine Berry, tried to manipulate, and damage the very PR FIRM that made her daughters career happen. According to the owner of the PR AGENCY Christine tried to milk services and not pay, she tried to get the company owner to go after her daughters father, and delete him off of their daughters social media, she tried to get her daughters PR for cheap, while agreeing to sign up for another program in email for $25,000 and not making good on the contract.

The companies owner shows in further detail on a Hollywood site Christines argumentative behavior when it comes to hiring agents, PR frms and 3rd party when it comes her daughter, Christine is currently trying to dupe her daughters Agent that helped her get a visa, she is actively shopping for another agent in Hollywood, to swipe the rug fom under her agents feet, claiming he has too many sexy photos of women on his page. .

Christine now went to Facebook to find a way to accuse the PR Firm that helped her all along!

Seems like Christine is already creating bad blood in Hollywood! Parents dont realize that their shady dealings, blocks Hollywood success! More to come on this story as it unfolds.

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