Dish Network - Dish Network treats their customers wrong!!!!

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 4:35pm CDT by b6ec68e5

Company: Dish Network

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I am a Dish Network customer and tired of being treated like crap!!! When I originally signed up with Dish they gave me three free months of HBO and other movie channels but then cut them off early. I had recieved my first bill and the amount was incorrect because they were supposed to give me a discount on my bill due to them taking several days to come out and install my services correctly. While calling to complain about my bill I also told them about my services being cut off early so the agent told me she couldn't give me back HBO but could do Showtime for 3 months and that it would automatically drop off and I would not need to call back. Let's just say I was shocked when my bill went from 119 to 197!!! Also they fail to tell you when they sign you up for a contract that to get your credits off monthly you have to sign up for your payment to be deducted from your account automatically which sucks but I dealt with it but it brings me to the next point of this story. Life happened and while calling last week in to complain about my bill being over charged I had asked if there was any way I could turn the auto off so the payment wouldn't be took out on the 4th so I could pay it on the 5th after my husband got paid. The agent told me sure. He cut it off and said he would make a note that I would be calling back on the fifth. After telling him everything from the start he took off the 197 and said my bill would be 115 when I called back Friday. Friday after work I called the dish number and heard that I still owed the 197. Got on the phone explained everything to that agent on why I didn't owe 197. They said they didn't see any notes (of course)they never do. The agent took it off again said she was only gonna charge my account 115 and wave the 5 dollar agent fee for me having to deal with this. Next morning I get up and check my bank account...I had been charged 120 (115 plus the agent fee that she charged me anyway) plus to my surprise the 197 that I never owed. Called back and was told that typically a customer should give them 10 days notice to have the auto thing turned off so they won't be charged. I responded well thats not my fault that your agent didn't tell me that and it's not my fault that the agent that told me to turn it back on on the 5th and didn't tell me that if I turned it back on that day that I would be charged because I specifically asked what was the total amount I would be charged. Talked to several agents that day and wasn't nice about it either when they told me I had to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back. I told them I was gonna call back and cancel my contract because of the way I was being treated and that I didn't have 200 extra dollars just laying around to give them and that I lived paycheck to paycheck and I needed that money for gas to get to work and for groceries. Didn't phase them a bit! Now I have waited and since it's the fourth day something just told me to call because I knew something was wrong and that they never do what they say. I called and after a long explanation again and her trying to find notes the agent this morning tells me she only sees a refund amount for 142 because I owed them 50 something dollars and I argued that I didn't. She agreed because the 50 something dollars charged was from the agent who didn't put in the right information for those movie channels to drop off automatically. She told me...well I put in the correct amount of 197 and it will be back to you in 3-5 business days. I flipped my lid!!!! I asked to speak to several supervisors and even for corporate and basically got told there was nothing they could do. After cooling off and writing to the local news, called an attorney who said I have a case if I want to invest a lot of time and money( supposed to call him back next week) not for sure if I am because i'm not about all that but I do believe in treating people right, called the BBB in GA and they told me to call the one in Denver, and got the number to the FCC. Not sure where i'm gonna go from here but one thing is for sure that i'm tired of being treated like crap by Dish Network and I think there should be a way to not have to pay to get out of a contract where I feel they do not abide by whats in it nor do they treat their customers right. I do not agree with my money being taken and have to wait several weeks to get it back. Guess when things start bouncing they can pay that too! Just hope everyone is aware of these agents who do not know what they are doing and they hardly ever put in the notes when they say they do and then be really aware that once your screwed...Dish Network does nothing to fix it because they don't care!!!!

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807e543a, 2014-04-04, 10:24PM CDT


I came across your post and wanted to input that you may have a pay-in-advance account which requires payment made by no later than the due date each month. If this isn't fulfilled, that will have some impact on the billing and the service. Not to say that this was, in fact, the case but just to mention a possibility. I would have to review your account to optimally assist you and tell for sure what the problem really was. Please feel free to email me your account number at [email protected] if you'd like me to look at it.

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