Verizon Wireless - Verizon Creates a Problem, then can't Fix It

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 9:48am CDT by 547dd897

Product: LG Revere

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: US


Category: Consumer Electronics

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Verizon's Newburgh, NY store to purchase a new phone for my son. My son is on my account. I paid FULL price, because I would rather not be locked into a contract.

Brian was the salesman that took care of me (Ha! Ha!). Instead of activating the phone with my son's phone number, he activated it with MY phone number. I had repeated to him over and over again during the sale which number the phone was to have.

Fortunately, before I left the parking lot, I checked to make sure the phone was working. It wasn't, so I went back into the store and another person tried the phone and told me he could make outgoing calls. He then tried to call the phone and it rang. Fortunately, I noticed the number he dialed to call that phone and told him that Brian activated the phone with "MY" phone number, not my son's.

This gentleman then had to reactivate the new phone with the correct phone number and then REACTIVATE "MY" phone, which he did.

Again before I left the parking lot, I made sure that both phones were working with the correct phone numbers.

Ever since the purchase, I have been getting notifications on my phone. I don't have to try to place a call or a text. I open my phone up and it tells me I entered an "invalid pin", or another notice which makes no sense to me.

Last night I call tech support and spoke with Holly. Holly noticed I had a block on using the internet and told me she would have to take the block off temporarily to work on the problem. She said the problem had to do with "Backup Assistant". I said okay. She asked me what my pin # was and I told her I didn't know because I NEVER used Backup Assistant. I NEVER created a pin. She then sent me a pin by text. When I put the pin # she gave me in my phone, it rejected the pin and said it was invalid! She then had me delete Backup Assistant, which i did, so we could reinstall it.

Well, Holly couldn't locate where in my phone the Backup Assistant was to reinstall it. I finally told her to forget it. I only wanted the notices on my phone to stop. She said that without the Backup Assistant Application that they would. WRONG!!!!!!!

This morning, I find a notice on my phone that I entered an invalid pin when all I did was go to make a call. So once again, I call Verizon tech support. This time I get Colby. I thought that Holly would have written down what my issue was and the steps she took to resolve it, but obviously she didn't.

Colby said I had two options. I either reinstalled Backup Assistant, or reset my phone entirely. Resetting my phone would mean I would lose all my contacts, so I had no choice other than reinstalling Backup Assistant. It didn't take long to realize that Colby did not know what he was doing either. When I couldn't connect to the internet, I asked him if he knew I had a block on it and he never paid attention to my account. So much for Colby. I told him to forget it and hung up.

I tried to go online to see if I could "Chat" with someone from Verizon and Chat was unavailable. I then tried to find an email address and it seems they removed their email address from the web site.

Once again I called Verizon's 800 and spoke with CJ. I aske to speak with a supervisor. No supervisor available. I ask CJ for an email address and I get put on hold. After the second time of being told that she was still trying to find an email address, I realize that she not going to find an email address and I'm not going to be connected with a supervisor either.

I even went so far as to tell Colby to replace my phone since they screwed it up and can't fix it. He told me that Verizon won't do the because the phone is working.

The cost of wireless phone service keeps going up, but the customer service keeps going down.

Customers need to start flooding the BBB, their State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission with complaints. WHY should the consumer have to pay more and more money for services they are not receiving?


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