Superior Electronics - Horrible and Rude Customer Service

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at 7:05am CDT by Pat C.

Product: Friengidaire Wall Oven

Company: Superior Electronics

Location: 211 Washington Ave


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

When my new $1,200 wall oven was installed in October 2012 the first number in the time/temperature readout was not visible - but I figured I could live with that. Then in December the second number went out. I figured I could live with that. But when the third number went out in April I knew I could not live with that. I had to be repaired. I called your service number and they referred me to the Frigidaire warranty repair people at Superior Electronics in Dravosburg, PA. They said they knew exactly what the problem was and would order a new mother board. It took 3 weeks before the mother board came in. When the repairman Jason came he didn't seem to know what he was doing because as he was installing it he kept talking to someone on his cell phone and saying things like, "Now where does the red wire go? And Where does the black wire go? I can't get this to work." He also told me that my 110 line was not providing electricity to the oven. First of all - it's not a 110 line, it's a 220 line. He insisted that I call my electrician who came immediately and told Jason that the line was in perfect condition which I knew because before Jason came here the oven was baking and broiling perfectly. I used it every day with no problems except that I couldn't see the time/temperature numbers. After Jason installed the mother board it shorted out my breaker to the oven. He said there was something wrong with the new mother board and had to order a second new one. This took another three weeks. Then when Jason came to install the new mother board (he arrived two hours later than he said he would) he still could not wire it properly and kept blowing the breakers. There were sparks flying everywhere. He claimed there was something wrong with my electric wiring and took out both the new top oven and the older bottom oven - both of which were working perfectly before he got here. Then there was a problem with getting the ovens back in after he installed the new mother board and insisted that the place that sold me the oven - Good Housekeeping in Natrona Heights, PA - send people to put the ovens back in the wall. Jason left but did not attach the wiring to either oven. The people from Good Housekeeping came and said they could not put the ovens back in because they were not electricians and could not install the ovens. I called both Good Housekeeping and Superior Electronics and both said it was the others' faults. Both store owners refused to solve the problem and both men hung up on me when I tried to resolve the situation. I never once raised my voice or got angry. And they both refused to take my return phone calls. They both said "it was not their problem." All of the repair people left - leaving two huge ovens sitting in the middle of my tiny kitchen. I once again had to pay for my own electrician to come and put the ovens back in and hook up the electricity. The bottom oven works fine - just as it had. But when I turned on the top oven it would not go out of the pre-heat mode and the F10 Error Code came on. The oven was very very hot. I KNOW that Jason did not install the motherboard properly because he does not know anything about it. Now - I paid $1,200 for this oven and I need it to work. I use both ovens almost every day. How do you think we can solve this problem? I do not want Jason from Superior Electronics to come in my house again as I fear that he is going to cause a huge fire in my house. Now - I have paid my electricians to come here twice so I am out that money. My sister and my nephew are arriving for a three week visit from Bahrain. I see them just once a year. I am a wonderful cook and they are expecting me to cook for them. On what??? I NEED my ovens. Both of them. Please help to solve this horrible problem. These people have tied me up for four days. It's a good thing I work from home and did not have to take time off from an outside job to accommodate these people who don't show up when they say they are going to show up. This is just so totally not acceptable.


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